Projects and research

WISE-RTD: European science-policy portal for water related research and innovation

Science plays a crucial role to underpin water policy formulation and implementation. A large number of water research and implementation projects have been carried out in Europe over the past decade that have delivered a lot of information such as guidance documents, synthesis reports, IT tools, methodologies and experiences.

The WISE-RTD Portal has been designed to disseminate water research outcome and experiences. Acting as a smart switchboard, WISE-RTD provides an easy access to customised selections of information available on the web.

The WISE-RTD Portal has created a policy implementation user guide for the EC water related Directives coupled to the timing of this implementation and based on subtasks. The intelligent linking will guide policy implementers to relevant related research and experiences.

The WISE-RTD Portal is hosted by the WISE-RTD Association. Neither the European Commission nor the EEA are responsible for the information provided via WISE-RTD.