MPAs Dashboards

Marine Protected Areas in Europe: trends and coverage of ecosystem types

Under Article 13 of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (Directive 2008/56/EC), the programmes of measures established by the Member States shall include spatial protection measures, contributing to coherent and representative networks of marine protected areas (MPAs), adequately covering the diversity of the constituent ecosystems.

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In the present dashboard, figures on trends in the surface of MPAs are made available, as well as the percentage cover of the ecosystem types and habitats present in the EU marine waters (excluding the extended continental shelf).

The MPAs used are Natura 2000 sites, Nationally Designated Areas (CDDA), as well as sites designated under OSPAR, HELCOM and the Barcelona Convention (SPAMIs).
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The sources used to build the dashboards are reported at the bottom of the page. 
Note that this dashboard will be updated at the beginning of 2021, where a new methodology will be used

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