Map viewers

European reference maps: this map viewer displays a selected number of marine reference maps at the European scale, which have been built with different data sources and through different processes, such as official reporting exercises from the Member States to the European Commission, discussion and inputs from European working groups, work of NGOs, etc. It is meant to be an access point for new users to learn more about the marine environment in Europe. It includes text and links to web-pages and documents where the development of each one of the maps is described.


Expert map viewer (under development): this map viewer will display a great number of layers harvested from different data centres, such as EMODnet, CMEMS, HELCOM, OSPAR or ICES. This involves that the maintenance of the layers can´t be guaranteed by the EEA. The layers will be organised by theme, facilitating their access and exploration. The map viewer will include as well functionalities such as the visualization of time-series, and it will also allow the addition of new layers or map services on top of the ones included already. The viewer is therefore meant to be used by expert GIS users from the European marine environment community.


MSFD story map (under development): this story map will show the results of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2018 reporting on the update of the Good Environmental Status assessments of the European Member States marine waters. The results will be shown by marine (sub)region and MSFD descriptor, and will be accompanied with text introducing, discussing and concluding on the results. The story map is meant to be an online tool to show the progress on the implementation and achievements of the MSFD in regards to the status of Europe´s seas.

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