GES assessments dashboards

EU Marine Regions and Sub-regions. Source EEA

The Marine Strategy Framework Directive (Directive 2008/56/EC) requires Member States to periodically report to the European Commission on their implementation of the directive. This includes reporting an assessment of the current environmental status of their marine waters (Article 8), a definition of good environmental status (GES, Article 9), a set of environmental targets to reach GES (Article 10), monitoring programmes (Article 11) and a programme of measures aimed to achieve or maintain GES (Article 13), together with any exceptions (Article 14). These reports are updated every six years (Article 17).

In the dashboards presented here, the results from Member States’ 2018 reporting on the extent to which they have achieved Good Environmental Status (GES) are shown in a dynamic format, which allows users to explore, use and download the data and figures in different ways. The data have been reported in a standard format and are displayed as submitted by the Member States, without further processing.