This WISE Freshwater section is offering several data (derived) products, such as dashboards, interactive maps and layers, which present or are used as basis for assessing the status of freshwater resources. In most of the case the sources are databases storing data and information reported by Member States under legislative reporting obligations and managed by the Reportnet infrastructure.

Several environmental (water) policies require Member States to set up, collect and report data (the so called "reporting obligations") that, once further elaborated, quality-controlled and harmonised become the essential basis for the assessment of the European environmental status and of the policies' effectiveness. These data are also the foundations to build the knowledge aims at securing the present and future protection of the humans and environment.

Products derived by data, like dashboards, maps, etc. are meant to be used for several purposes, as integral part of the indicators, as communication means and as support working materials before, during and after the assessment phases, where they help the policy makers in navigating and interpreting the data, in making conclusions, or finding knowledge gaps.

Access and use of the data and data products

Unless specified, all the data products have been prepared and are owned by the European Environment Agency and can be freely re-used and shared [1] . Condition of data access and use are also reported in each resource metadata page.

Spatial Coverage

The spatial data coverage of the data products is linked to their purpose (as minimum EU 27, often EEA[2] Countries). However, the section includes some data products and data sources collected and processed prior to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Data and information relating to the UK are generally explained by using terminology such as: "EU-27 and the UK" or "EEA-32 and the UK". Exceptions to this approach could be clarified in the context of their use.


[1] EEA standard re-use policy: unless otherwise indicated,re-use of content on the EEA website for commercial or non-commercial purposes is permitted free of charge, provided that the source is acknowledged ( more in each resource's metadata page.

[2] The European Economic Area, abbreviated as EEA, consists of the Member States of the European Union (EU) and three countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway; excluding Switzerland). Read more