Member State report / Art9 / 2018 / D1-P / Ireland / NE Atlantic: Celtic Seas

Report type Member State report to Commission
MSFD Article Art. 9 Determination of GES (and Art. 17 updates)
Report due 2018-10-15
GES Descriptor D1 Pelagic habitats
Member State Ireland
Region/subregion NE Atlantic: Celtic Seas
Reported by Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government
Report date 2020-08-31
Report access msfd2018-ART9_GES_IE_Updated_24July.xml

GES component
Marine reporting units
GES description
Determination date
Update type
Justification for non-use of criterion
Primary criterion D1C6 (i.e. The condition of the habitat type, including its biotic and abiotic structure and its functions, is not adversely affected due to anthropogenic pressures) was also not assessed with regard to pelagic broad habitat types. This was due to limited knowledge and understanding of the correct and robust scientific basis and methodologies by which pelagic habitats could be reliably assessed. Instead habitat-linked assessments carried out under Descriptor 4 – Elements of the marine food webs, Descriptor 5 – Human-induced eutrophication and Descriptor 6 – Sea-floor integrity and other Descriptors (e.g. Properties and quantities of marine litter, Introduction of energy) went a considerable way to inform the assessment of environmental status and condition of habitats in Ireland’s marine area.
Justification for delay in setting EU/regional requirements