Member State report / Art8 / 2018 / D7 / Ireland / NE Atlantic: Celtic Seas

Report type Member State report to Commission
MSFD Article Art. 8 Initial assessment (and Art. 17 updates)
Report due 2018-10-15
GES Descriptor D7 Hydrographical changes
Member State Ireland
Region/subregion NE Atlantic: Celtic Seas
Reported by Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government
Report date 2020-08-31
Report access msfd2018-ART8_GES_IE_Updated_24_July.xml

Irish Assesment Area (ACS-IE-AA-001)

GES component
Hydrographical changes
Element code
Element code source
Element 2
Element 2 code
Element 2 code source
Element source
Parameter other
Extent of permanent change to hydrographical condition caused by dredging and disposal of dredged spoil.
Threshold value upper
Threshold value lower
Threshold qualitative
Expert opinion
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Threshold value source other
Value achieved upper
Value achieved lower
Value unit
Value unit other
Percentage of Irish MSFD area
Proportion threshold value
Proportion value achieved
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Parameter achieved
Description parameter
Related indicator
Criteria status
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Element status
Description element
Integration rule type parameter
Integration rule description parameter
Integration rule type criteria
Integration rule description criteria
GES extent threshold
GES extent achieved
GES extent unit
Proportion of area in good status
GES achieved
GES achieved
Description overall status
This assessment has considered the activities, dredging and disposal of dredged spoil, which have caused permanent changes to the hydrographical conditions during the assessment period. The level of pressure from these activities causing hydrographical changes to the seabed and water column within Irelands MSFD area was very low overall between 2014 and 2018, at 533 km2 or 0.109% of Irelands MSFD area. Ireland has achieved Good Environmental Status for the spatial extent and distribution of permanent hydrographical changes within its maritime area. The permanent alteration of hydrographical conditions during the period 2014 to 2018 is limited to 0.109 % of the Irish Marine Strategy Framework Directive area. The impact from these alterations was localised with respect to hydrographical conditions and the short-term water quality impacts experienced during the dredging and disposal activities. The adverse impacts on the marine ecosystems are minimal from the very limited hydrographical changes which have occurred. Note: GES Extent Threshold is Not Applicable
Assessments period
Related pressures
  • Changes to hydrological conditions
  • Physical disturbance to seabed
  • Physical loss of the seabed
Related targets
  • D7T1