Member State report / Art10 / 2018 / D1-B / Lithuania / Baltic Sea

Report type Member State report to Commission
MSFD Article Art. 10 Environmental targets (and Art. 17 updates)
Report due 2018-10-15
GES Descriptor D1 Birds
Member State Lithuania
Region/subregion Baltic Sea
Reported by Environmental Protection Agency
Report date 2020-06-09
Report access ART10_Targets_LT-03-31-corrected_06-04.xml

Target code
Target description
Maintain favourable conditions for winter seabirds in their winter areas and reduce their mortality due to the addition of oil products and by-catches in commercial fishing gear.
  • Benthic-feeding birds
  • Extraction of, or mortality/injury to, wild species (by commercial and recreational fishing and other activities)
  • Input of other substances (e.g. synthetic substances, non-synthetic substances, radionuclides) - diffuse sources, point sources, atmospheric deposition, acute events
  • Surface-feeding birds
GES components
  • D1-B
  • D8C4 Adverse effects of significant pollution events (8.2.2)
Update date
Update type
Same as 2012 definition
Marine reporting unit
  • BAL-LT-AA-01
Element 2
Parameter - other
Target value
Value achieved - upper
Value achieved - lower
Value unit
Value unit - other
Target status
Assessment period
Target assessment description
Related indicator
Related measures
  • BALLT-M015-T6PR1
  • BALLT-M016-T6PR2
  • BALLT-M017-T6PR3
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