Member State report / Art13 / 2022 / D3 / Lithuania / Baltic Sea

Report type Member State report to Commission
MSFD Article Art. 13 Programme of measures (and Art. 17 updates)
Report due 2022-10-15
GES Descriptor D3 Commercial fish and shellfish
Member State Lithuania
Region/subregion Baltic Sea
Reported by Environmental protection agency
Report date 2023-06-12
Report access 363

Marine reporting units
  • BAL-LT-AA-01
  • BAL-LT-AA-02
  • BAL-LT-AA-03
  • BAL-LT-MS-01
Baltic Sea
Measure code
Measure old code
Measure name
Improve the authorisation system for fishing in the Baltic Sea by ensuring that fishers receive full and up-to-date information on the specific area for which the fishing authorisation is issued.
Measure description
Update type
Measure same as in 2015 PoM
Measure category
Category 2.a
Policy conventions
Policy national
Responsible competent authority
Žuvininkystės tarnyba prie Žemės ūkio ministerijos
Responsible organisation
Žuvininkystės tarnyba prie Žemės ūkio ministerijos
Coordination level
  • National
Regional cooperation countries
CEA reference
CBA reference
  • Valstybės biudžetas
Spatial scope
  • Coastal waters (WFD)
  • EEZ (or similar)
  • Territorial waters
  • Transitional waters (WFD)
Measure purpose
Indirectly prevent further inputs of a pressure (e.g. by governance mechanisms, financial incentives, awareness campaigns)
  • Disturbance of species (e.g. where they breed, rest and feed) due to human presence
  • Extraction of, or mortality/injury to, wild species (by commercial and recreational fishing and other activities)
Relevant KTMs
  • Measures to reduce the introduction and spread of non-indigenous species in the marine environment and for their control
Relevant targets
  • 6
Related indicator
  • No indicator
  • D1-B
  • D3
  • D6
  • Benthic broad habitats
  • Benthic-feeding birds
  • Pelagic-feeding birds
  • PrevEnvAdvEffectsSppHab
  • Surface-feeding birds
Temporal scope
Implementation status
Measure implemented
Implementation delay
Implementation reason
Progress description
Reason description