Member State report / Art14 / 2016 / D5 / Lithuania / Baltic Sea

Report type Member State report to Commission
MSFD Article Art. 14 Exceptions (and Art. 17 updates)
Report due 2016-10-15
GES Descriptor D5 Eutrophication
Member State Lithuania
Region/subregion Baltic Sea
Reported by Aiste Kubiliute
Report date 2017-06-12
Report access Exceptions__1.xml
Marine reporting units
Exception code
Exception name
Išimtis dėl eutrofikaciją skatinančių maistinių medžiagų patekimo į Kuršių marias ir Baltijos jūrą mažinimo
Exception type
Key type of measure (KTM)
Relevant environmental targets
Relevant GES descriptors
  • D5
Relevant features
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Mammals
  • Seabed habitats
  • Water column habitats
Spatial scope (geographic zones)
  • EEZ
  • Territorial waters
  • WFD CW
  • WFD TW
Further information