Member State report / Art18 / 2018 / D6 / Lithuania / Baltic Sea

Report type Member State report to Commission
MSFD Article Art. 18 Interim report on programme of measures
Report due 2018-10-15
GES Descriptor D6 Sea-floor integrity/D1 Benthic habitats
Member State Lithuania
Region/subregion Baltic Sea
Reported by Environmental Protection Agency
Report date 2019-06-12
Report access MSFD%20Article%2018%2C%20Progress%20on%20PoMs.xml
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Measure category (type)
Progress in implementation
Measure withdrawn
Reason for withdrawal
Year of implementation (Temporal coverage - timeline for implementation)
Reasons for delay
Other obstacles (Obstacles to implementation)
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Further information on obstacle (Description)
Brief description of progress (measurement of effectiveness of measure)