Freshwater themes

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Europe's waters are exposed to a wide range of significant pressures from point and diffuse sources of pollution, water abstractions and morphological alterations. When our (ground)water bodies are straightened, or otherwise heavily modified, and the water itself bodies becomes polluted; it can endanger human health and the environment, jeopardise our drinking water sources, and threaten our ecosystem services and biodiversity.

On this page, you will find a variety of popular water related themes and topics of your interest. The pages are updated from time to time so we invite you to explore them. They will give you easy access to general, as well as more detailed information and provide you with references to further information:

> Water resources of Europe

> Water and Agriculture (under construction)

> Rivers and their floodplains

> Free-flowing rivers

> Transversal barriers (under construction)

> Groundwater and ecosystems (under construction)

This page will be updated and extended on a regular basis.

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